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Anchor Kit

Keep your trampoline from blowing away and landing on top of your fence or even worse, on your neighbors house or car! There are no two ways about it. If your trampoline blows over or blows away and your are lucky enough that it does not hit something, chances are very high that it is going to get damaged in some way. We hear about this happening all the time from our customers, "Our trampoline landed on top of our fence". It's a fact, when enough wind/air gets under a trampoline and it starts to lift one side of it, then it becomes a very large sail. Once air born there is no telling where or how it will land. To make it worse, during a storm, a wet jumping mat will catch even more wind because the falling rain water closes up the mesh weave of the jumping mat material limiting it's airflow. But now, for just a few dollars you can protect your investment and your property with a trampoline anchor kit. It's really easy to install. Just screw the anchors down flush into softened ground, using any round bar type tool such as a big screw driver, and then simply attach the tie down straps. To move trampoline for mowing, simply loosen bottom strap and slide it out of auger's eyelet. There is no need to remove anchors from the ground. Augers installed flushed with the top of the ground allows mowing without fear of hitting the anchors with your mower. This item is a MUST for windy locations.

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