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Styles and colors may vary from pictures shown
Enclosure Net Only for Jumpking & Bazoongi 4 Arched Pole Enclosure

PLEASE NOTE*** All replacement nets for the Jumpking & Bazoongi style enclosures now come with a zippered entry door and do not overlap to form a entryway as shown in the pictures. Nets that overlap to form the door are no longer being produced for this unit. Net weave is now a very small box design. Includes sewn on attachment straps for 4 arched poles. Jumpking & Bazoongi Arched Pole Nets. Enclosure Net Only. Fits Ached Pole enclosure. ***For Straight Pole Units: The nets we supply at this time will fit the arch design and MAY also fit the straight pole design with the set of elastic cords that modify the top strap suspension method. The nets we will send to you have 8 straps & buckles at the top. The added elastic cord option provide a method to lengthen and adapt these buckle/straps so they will properly suspend the net. In most cases one cord is wrapped around the pole at the top and hooks to another cord that hooks to the buckle. The bottom installation using the rope cord is the same for all trampolines. MAY fit straight pole enclosures if you use bungi cord set of 16. Wrap one cord around the pole (this eliminates taking the pole apart) and hook the clip to the other cord and hook its clip to a buckle or D ring. 16 cords will attach to 8 poles or to 4 arches if the straps will not work. The key is to use the cords in various orientations to adapt the net to your existing frame. The straps/buckles on the net are like the original D rings. Current nets do not have D rings half way down the net - only 8 straps/buckles around the top. The bungies are like the original bungies cords. The door should be lined up over a leg section to get the top straps to line up with the poles.

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