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Trampoline Bounce Board

The TRAMPOLINE BOUNCE BOARD is safe to use on the trampoline mat. This is a fun new game for training skateboarders (great for grab tricks), kite surfers, snowboarding, water surfing and skiing. Practice "new moves" on your backyard trampoline before hitting the water or slopes. Trampoline tricks are now the hot new trampoline thing! Snowboard instructors, wakeboard competitors, gymnastic coaches are all impressed with the Bounce Board!

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Important warning : Some trampoline manufactures will void their warranty if accessories of any kind are used on the surface of the trampoline. Check with your manufacturer before using BounceBoard Bē ™. We have found the BounceBoard Bē ™ to be no more wearing to jumping surfaces than your bare or stocking feet. Kane Technologies, LLC and North Shore Inc. will not be held liable for any damage BounceBoard Bē ™ may cause to jumping devices. All rights reserved. BounceBoard Bē ™ is protected under US Pat. No. 6,196,558 and Patent Pending. BounceBoard and logos are Trademarks of Kane Technologies, LLC. All art protected by copyright.
Following guidelines adapted after the ASTM Standards for Trampoline use will not prevent all injuries. Like other physical activities, use of the BounceBoard Bē involves the risk of injury. The standards cannot list every known hazard associated with the use of BounceBoard Bē. However these guidelines promote safe enjoyable use of this accessory. User agrees to use BounceBoard Bē at their own risk.
BounceBoard Bē is intended for advanced users of trampolines or similar jumping devices such as the inflatable Astro JumpsŪ and water-trampolines, Aqua TrampsŪ with a minimum dimension of 3300 inē. It is not intended for mini-tramps. Ensure that your standard trampoline or similar jumping device is properly assembled in a level area with at least 10 unobstructed feet (3 meters) on all sides and a minimum of 20 unobstructed feet (6 meters) above the bouncing surface. The area directly below the jumping surface must be kept clear at all times. For example place well away from trees, power lines, fences, boats, docks, swimmers, jet skis. Manufacturer shall not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage direct or consequential arising out of the use or inability to use this product for its intended use and the user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. The foregoing may not be altered, unless in writing, signed by the president of North Shore Inc. BounceBoard and logo are trademarks of Kane Technologies, LLC
BounceBoard Bē should be used in bare or stocking feet. Assure that the jumping device is in good repair and securely positioned. Assure that jumping surface is clean and clear of debris and/or toys. Sweep fallen leaves, tree limbs, branches or twigs away. Remove toys from jumping surface. Perform the 'Stop-Bounce'after every trick or sequence of tricks, or whenever you deviate from the center of the jumping surface. The Stop-Bounce is performed by flexing knees as feet come in contact with the surface. Never jump off of a land trampoline to dismount,always climb on and off. Remove the BounceBoard Bē before climbing off the trampoline or Astro Jump. When jumping off an Aqua TrampŪ the BounceBoard Bē may remain on your feet and you may use it as a springboard. Assure that your landing is free of swimmers. It is not a flotation device and will make swimming difficult. Your feet will slide out much like they would from a wake board. Please wear a life preserver at all times. Again this is an extreme sport and is only recommended for advanced swimmers. So dude this means no jumping off the roof of your house and onto your trampoline with the BounceBoard Bē and no jumping from your trampoline into a pool with the BounceBoard Bē. You are to climb on and off trampolines and then put the BounceBoard Bē on.
Avoid jumping too high. Stay under control.Consistently land in the center of the trampoline or other jumping device. If you get off center, Stop bounce and re-center. While keeping head erect, focus eyes on the trampoline toward the perimeter. Allow only one person on the trampoline at a time. Use by more than one person at the same time increases risk of injury. A mature knowledgeable person should supervise children when using the BounceBoard on trampolines or other jumping devices. Follow manufacturer guidelines when using Aqua-jumpŪ or Astro-jumpsŪ.
Avoid jumping for long periods of time with the BounceBoard Bē and do not jump when you are tired. You will notice you tire more quickly on the BounceBoard Bē. Take turns. Don't overdue. This is mother Kane speaking. Do not use your BounceBoard Bē for your backyard trampoline, Aqua JumpŪ or similar jumping device when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Vow to never use illegal drugs, tobacco or alcohol.
Ensure that spotters are always stationed around the land trampoline. Do not use the Aqua-jumpŪ without a spotter on land. Do not dive off of a Aqua JumpŪ to dismount.Master the specified pre-requisites of trampoline jumping before attempting a new skill such as using a BounceBoard Bē . Do not attempt to use the BounceBoard Bē in windy or gusty conditions. Do not use the BounceBoard Bē on a wet surface if it is a land trampoline. Keep BounceBoard Bē out of reach of younger children and store it in a secure place. Doggies like to chew young children love to play with your stuff.
Use only on trampolines with padding covering the springs to avoid damage to the BounceBoard Bē. You may wish to use a mouthguard, helmet, wrist guards, kneepads, and elbow pads to further reduce your risk of injury, especially your first few tries. Some people feel more secure jumping on a trampoline with a safety net or fence. Even a safety net cannot prevent all injuries and some types actually cause more injuries. Make sure to follow manufacturer guidelines and buy from reputable retailers.
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