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Trampolines and trampoline | Trampolines and trampoline parts for most trampolines
 Trampolines & Trampoline Replacement Parts for Most Trampolines and Much More...
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 Discover The Most Important Things To Consider Before You Purchase ANY Trampoline!
Trampoline with red frame pads.
Trampolines in all shapes and sizes - From 40" to 16'. We have the trampoline to fit your lifestyle.
Jumping Mats
Trampoline jumping mats for most sizes of trampolines.
Replacement jumping mats
Select the size you need from our huge selection of quality mats.
Frame Pads
Frame pads for most sizes of backyard trampolines.
Protect your jumpers with a quality replacement frame & safety pads to fit most round and rectangle units.


Trampoline springs in many sizes for most trampolines.
The quality of the bounce is in the springs! Trampoline springs of all lenghts for most units.
Trampoline enclosure nets and parts to fit all sizes of round or rectangle trampolines.
Trampoline enclosure systems - With an enclosure, you can let your kids jump with less supervision without worry! 
Patch Kits
Trampoline mat patch kits for easy mat repair.
Trampoline patch kit - DIY Repair rips, tears, holes, cuts & burns in your jumping mat, fast and easy!
Swings & Things
Swing set plus monkey bars for your kids backyard fun.
Our swing sets are QUALITY, long-lasting, and virtually maintenance free, providing your child with years of outdoor entertainment.
BBQ Smokers,
Parts & Such
How to Cook Great BBQ Like a BBQ Master on your very own Lyfe Tyme BBQ Smoker. Sizes from small to OMG!

Your kids will love our 9 x 15 rectangle trampoline!

If your kids are active in tumbling and gymnastics and or you want the "very best bounce" from a trampoline, then by all means go with a Rectangle Trampoline. By design, a rectangle trampoline will give you the highest bounce of any trampoline. 
Knife Sharpeners
Aladdin Knife Sharpeners will keep all your knives sharp.
Aladdin Knife Sharpeners - The Affordable Knife Sharpener that Works Like Magic, in just seconds!


Monkey Bars

Steel Monkey Bars

Remember fun on the monkey bars? Now you can have a set in your own backyard! Galvanized steel, playground quality.
Trampoline ladders are available in three sizes to meet all trampoline height requirements
Trampoline ladders may greatly decrease the number of trampoline injuries by safely climbing up and down the trampoline vs. jumping off or onto the side. Trampoline ladders are available in three sizes to meet all trampoline height requirements.
Spring Tools

Trampoline Spring Tool

Trampoline Spring Tool - No more sore hands from pulling springs! Works with all lengths of springs on all types of trampolines. Easy grip design.


Ripoffs Exposed!
Top 10 Retail Ripoffs Exposed!

Keep an eye out for these; Top 10 Retail Ripoffs Exposed! - A "no holds barred" expose of the subtle, sometimes deceptive techniques employed by "sneaky snake" salespeople to separate you from your money. Forewarned is forearmed; after reading this, you'll at least have a fighting chance to avoid being "bit".


Trampoline Wakeboards
Vent Wakeboard

The Vent Wakeboard is the boarder's ultimate training tool. Their flexible design are trampoline safe while giving the stability needed for realistic training. The N3 foam core deflects in the bounce then quickly snaps back to help lift off. A great training tool for in and off season training.


Anchor Kits
Trampoline Anchor Kit
Trampoline Anchor Kit - Keep your trampoline from blowing away and landing on top of your fence or even worse, on your neighbors house or car!


Water Trampolines

Aqua Jump Water Trampolines

Floating Water Trampolines - The Aqua Jump™ is the most innovative product to hit the water since the Jet Ski. Everyone can appreciate the Aqua Jump™ whether looking for exciting experience jumping on a trampoline surrounded by water or creating your own private island. The Aqua Jump™ can be anchored to double as a stationary swimming platform; or can be moored or towed by a Jet Ski or Boat at low speeds. Great for use in resort areas.
Swing Set Parts
Swing Set Parts and Accessories
Swing Set Parts and Accessories for your backyard swing sets.
Weather Covers

Round Trampoline Weather Cover

Trampoline Weather covers - Constructed using Heavy Duty Straps, Buckles & Elastic! 
Fits Round & Octagon Trampolines. Heavy Duty Tarp Style Material Allows water to pass thru to drain.
Popular Swing Set

T-Deck Swing Set with Slide

T-Deck with Slide - Our most popular model - For those with limited space! Offering 2 belt seats, fireman's pole, and 10' galv. slide (look close for the 2' X 3' deck behind slide). Heavy duty galvanized steel construction.
Shown with yellow plastic slide.
Bounce Boards

Trampoline bounce board in red.

Trampoline Bounce Board - safe to use on the trampoline mat. This is a fun new game  for training skateboarders (great for grab tricks), kite surfers, snowboarding, water surfing and skiing. Practice "new moves" on your backyard trampoline before hitting the water or slopes.
Yeti Coolers
Yeti Tundra 75 quart cooler
The 75 Quart Tundra from Yeti® Coolers are built to keep your food and drinks cold longer while handling the bumps and bruises of your outdoor activities. One of the best insulated coolers on the market.

Magic Circle 16 ft Octagon Trampoline

Magic Circle® 16' Octagon Trampoline - The 16' octagon is the ultimate trampoline with the largest jumping surface of all of Magic Circle Trampolines and one of the largest on the market.


Trampoline Snowboards
Push Snowboard

The Push Snowboard is the boarder's ultimate training tool Their flexible design are trampoline safe while giving the stability needed for realistic training. The N3 foam core deflects in the bounce then quickly snaps back to help lift off. A great training tool for in and off season training.

Rectangle Covers

Rectangle Trampoline Weather Cover

Rectangle Trampoline Covers -
Constructed using Heavy Duty Straps, Buckles & Elastic!
Fits Rectangle Trampolines.
Heavy Duty Tarp Style Material Allows water to pass thru to drain.
Deluxe Weather covers protects frame pads, material and stitching against UV sun rays. Used to protect from sun, rain, snow, and debris, and to show the trampoline is "CLOSED" when away from home.
Airmaster 12'
12' Arimaster Round Trampoline
Airmaster 12' Round Trampoline -
The polypropylene rebounding surface creates a jumping surface that is firm and stable, yet flexable enough to cushion your landings. Same great quality as our larger Airmaster trampolines only in a slightly smaller size. Still considered a full size trampoline and can be used by adults and children alike. Great for medium to smaller size yards.
T-Swing Climber
T-Swing Climber with Slide Deck Option - Offering half arc climber, 2 belt swings, 10' galvanized slide and ladder. Perfect for a small area, this unit offers hours of enjoyment for children of all ages. Shown with blue plastic wave slide. 


Meat Rub
Chupacabra Rub
Chupacabra Rub - 12 oz. bottle. A flavor enhancer rub for meats, fish, chicken, vegetables and even on popcorn!  It is truly "chupalicous!" 
 BBQ Smoker Gauges
Lyfe Tyme BBQ Pits Temperature Gauge for smoker.
BBQ Smoker Temperature Gauge - 500+ Degree Scale. 3" Diameter Dial for easy read. Water and moisture proof. To fit most smokers. Temperature gauge fits 1/2" threaded plug. With Lyfe Tyme logo. This is a TOP QUALITY temperature gauge! 


It's Huge!

BIGGER IS BETTER! NEW! Ultra Extreme trampoline. Features the largest jumping surface of any rectangular trampoline we offer. 


Cleanout Tool
Lyfe Tyme BBQ Pits Ash Clean Out Tool
BBQ Smoker Ash Cleanout Tool - Welded all steel construction. Curved blade makes ash removal simple and easy. 20 inches long with a 1/4 inch solid rod/bar construction.
Cutting Board

Lyfe Tyme BBQ Cutting Boards

Lyfe Tyme Logo Cutting Board - Maple Construction , 21" x 12" x 1", Nice accessory for any bbq enthusiast. Logo is hot branded into wood surface. Easy cleanup.
Wooden Handles

Lyfe Tyme BBQ Pits Wooden Handle

Hickory Wooden Handles for Grill or Firebox - 6" in length. Drilled ends. Fits most late model Lyfe Tyme grills & fire boxes. 


Discover The Most Important Things You Should Consider Before You Purchase ANY Trampoline

Whenever purchasing anything, you should always go for the best quality you can afford, and this is just as true for trampolines as it is for say a car, or home improvement item. The importance of making sure the quality of a trampoline is up at the top of your requirements for one cannot be understated – the effect a cheap or poorly-designed trampoline can have on your or your family's health could be catastrophic. This doesn't mean you have to avoid trampolines that are cheap in price; but definitely avoid any that are cheap in build.

Since it's a natural process to want to buy something for as little as possible, we've turned into a nation of "super" bargain hunters. While this isn't a problem in itself, where issues can raise themselves is if we allow bargain hunting to equate to skimping on quality. By looking around, whether in shops or online, there are literally hundreds of great bargains to be had, so there really is no excuse to let the quality suffer as well and buy "a lemon", especially when it comes to something as potentially harmful as a trampoline.

Figures show that as they get more popular for both recreation and fitness, trampolines are now the cause of a lot of injuries in households. Unless properly used and supervise, it's easy to see where the potential for injury could come from. That's why it's so important to go for quality every time; at least a trampoline that is built stronger or better offers less chance of injury than a cheaply constructed one.

Sort Through the Nonsense

However, actually sifting through all the descriptions and sales pitches to find the best available trampoline can be a bit of a minefield at times. This often puts people off, and leads to lesser quality trampolines being bought. However, just by spending this little extra time now could save you spending a lot of time later, either in the doctor's surgery or hospital.

In fact, despite the obvious health and fun benefits, trampolines have been highlighted by the American Association of Paediatrics as generally unsuitable for children, whether indoors or outdoors, due to the potential danger factor. However, it's easier said than done to convince children otherwise, therefore the AAP advises that should you go ahead with a trampoline, makes sure it's as safe as it can possibly be.

Enclosed trampolines offer some of the safest alternatives, as they help to prevent any falls. Ensure that there are plenty of safety mats spread around where the trampoline is situated. Although these particular features only come with the more expensive trampolines, the extra expense far outweighs the medical costs that can be incurred otherwise.
(The above information is courtesy of 

With so many different units on the market today, we feel it is to your advantage to learn all you can about them, BEFORE you purchase one for your family. What you get and where you get it from, does make a big difference. The last thing you want to do is to drag home a big and bulky unit that you bought somewhere else. Only to then get it home, get it about half put together and then discover it's not what you had hoped it would be... Now what?

You need to ask yourself right now, do I want to get my family a cheap inexpensive unit from somewhere else or do I want to get a good quality unit that will provide years of family fun? Remember with a trampoline what you are really buying is the
"quality of the bounce". 

Simply put, the better the unit, the better the bounce! Simple enough.

You may save a few dollars on a cheaper unit now, but what have you saved when it falls apart in one to two years? Keep in mind, this is something your family and friends are going to be jumping on.

We have been doing business for more than 40 years and in fact we were the very FIRST dealer to go on-line back in 1993! 

We know you can buy a new trampoline almost anywhere. We also know that to earn your business, we have to try harder. And we do. By combining the highest quality products with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. We strive to make sure you receive maximum satisfaction from your purchase. We also know that if we go the extra mile, you'll not only come back again but will tell your friends about us, too. Since we opened in 1972, we have been dedicated and committed to offering Value, Quality and Service with each purchase. It's these little touches that make all the difference when selecting a unit for your family. Feel good about your next purchase by knowing that you have purchased from the first and the oldest on-line dealer in the world. 

Remember this: We WANT your Business and We NEED Your Business! 

"Right Here and Now, You Can Discover the Five Most Important Things You Should Consider Before You Purchase ANY Trampoline"
Trampoline with red pads.
  • We hardly see children jumping "one-at-a-time" like they should. 
  • So, what are the weight restrictions of the unit? 
  • Is it at least 250 lbs so an adult can jump also?
  • Does it meet ASTM safety standards and is it certified as such?
  • What thickness and strength of metal is used? The lower the gauge number the stronger it is. Our units use a heavy gauge top rail frame. Many less expensive units use a thinner gauge top rail to save money. Many of your better round frames now have six sets of legs for added support.
  • Note: A good frame should never bend or bow when setup nor flex when in use.
  • We see inexpensive department store units in backyards all the time that are bowing down and there is not even anyone jumping on it! Makes us wonder what it does when you get a few kids on it? Look around your neighborhood, we bet you will see some of these units. Our units use a lot stronger, thicker, metal for their frames than those found on wholesale clubs and department store units. Our Airmaster Series Trampolines even have two more sets of legs than those lesser frames. With a strong thick frame, the only thing that should flex on a good unit is the springs, never the frame! Don't just buy on price alone.  Buy quality this time. Your family deserves the best in quality and safety when it comes to buying a trampoline. Quality Last Longer.

    • How thick are they?
    • How wide are they?
    • Do they cover all of the frame and springs?
    • Do they fit properly and stay on the frame?
    • What are they made of and what kind of pad is inside?
    • What kind of protection will they offer if you were to land on them?
    • Are they going to blow off in the wind and be laying on the ground?
    • How long do they look like they will last?
    • Our frame pads use dense, wide foam inserts to protect your kids from extra risk. We believe the frame pad is the most important part of the unit. Good frame pads provide better protection. It's that simple! Injuries can and do occur from hitting the springs and or frame.You can reduce the risk of injury by making sure that your unit has a good thick frame pad covering the entire frame and springs and having it properly attached to your frame. Don't assume that all pads are the same, they're not! Think about it. If someone were going to hit you with with a piece of heavy gauge steel tubing, like a top rail is made of, would you want it to be covered in a nice thick, dense closed cell foam pad? Or would you prefer a thin piece of foam rubber around that same piece of tubing? I know, you're thinking you had really rather be hit with just the piece of foam padding by itself, but that's not an option when your kids land on the frame! For added protection we highly recommend the use of an enclosure to prevent jumpers from being able to bounce off the unit.

    • Make sure it is properly stitched and capable of withstanding an adult's weight. There are several grades of jumping mats sold on the market today. 
    • The better the mat the longer it will last, period. Our jumping mats proudly use grade #1 black non-abrasive Permatron® type mat material and are constructed using only the finest heavy duty thread and rust less hardware connection v-rings available.

    • How strong are they?
    • Are they too stiff or too weak?
    • How many are there? The more per unit the better the bounce.
    • Most importantly how long are they?
    • The longer the spring the better the bounce
    • (This is important: How long are the springs on the unit you are considering?) 
    • Your better springs are 8" or longer.
    • Are they likely to weaken, and stretch out of shape after use?
    • Do they look like a quality springs or do they look kind'a cheesy?
    • Our larger trampolines use only high quality heavy-duty eight and a half inch galvanized springs. 
    • The better the spring the better the bounce. It's that simple. You are not buying a trampoline as per say, you are buying the bounce !
    • We hardly ever see a broken or stretched out spring on our quality units. Springs under normal use should last a very long time. 

    • Will the warranty last as long as the trampoline?
    • Will the company still be in business?
    • Who and how do you contact someone when you need help?
    • Where are you going to get replacement parts for it in the future?
    • Our units have the best warranty in the industry, and are backed by some of the best customer service departments in the industry. Remember, we have been in business for a very long time. We care about our customers. Since 1972 we have been providing our customers with quality products. We hardly hear of a warranty claim on our quality units. They just keep bouncing and bouncing and bouncing. But if and when there is one, we try our best to solve your problem in a timely manner. Please give us a chance to impress you! 
    • Remember, We WANT your Business and We NEED Your Business!

    • Thank you.

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